Basic idea

The Global Certification Institute (GCI) for dentists is a worldwide supplier in the area of dentistry for the creation of worldwide uniform maximum quality standards.

Our certified dentists have been trained specifically in the respective field by university education, either by training programs of subject companies or by independent education suppliers appreciated by the scientific committee.

Beside that the certified dentists must pass through a certification program developed by the scientific committee depending on a target level.

The dentist must pass the annual recertification. With this it is ensured that the dentist is always at the newest stand of science.

In this way the therapy which is most modern and based on the latest scientific knowledge is always granted to the patient.

The standards are worldwide uniform no matter whether you are treated by a certified dentist for example in the USA, in Japan, in Brazil or Germany: You can be sure to be treated with the highest quality standards.

All members have been certified by us thoroughly according to current quality guidelines.

Leading Endodontist of the world

The certificate shows the patient the highest quality step. These specialists work with outstanding abilities and are able to solve all complex treatment cases.

Moreover, they have most modern technology. These dentists work predominantly in the area of their special field (specialist practice).


Worldwide there are a large number of high-quality training programs which are accepted for the certification. That is why we cannot list all the programs here.

All training programs which are offered by the universities or by subject companies are recognized.

Depending on the education level a classification of the dentist is carried out to the respective certification class.

So we offer the possibility of achieving a certification by the education as well as the further education with low expenditure (of time and strength).


Important education institutes:

Dental Arts Academy
Dr. Yoshi Terauchi
The Dental Arts Academy
3-3-1 Chuorinkan Yamato City Kanagawa
prefecture 242-0007
Next Level Endodontics
Prof. Dr. Martin Trope
1601 Walnut Street, Suite 402
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Dr. Thomas Rieger
Zangmeisterstra├če 24 
87700 Memmingen 
Dept. of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontics
Prof. Dr. Jian Yang
Stomatological Hospital 
Nanchang University, Nanchang 330006


If you are interested, please send us your CV.

Of course we will inform you which prerequisites are necessary to be fulfilled for the certification in detail.