The idea of our society is to create a worldwide transparent quality standard in the area of dentistry.

This should give help to the patient to find a dentist or a clinic for his/her dental problem.

We have managed to convince many dentists and professors in the area of Endodontie of our idea.

We have the great advantage of having a worldwide good network of specialists even now.

It is our effort to enlarge our network with high-quality and as fast as possible.

It is our aim to have certified dentists in every country of the world.

The area of the Endodontie shall primarily be covered. Then we will offer the possibility of carrying out certifications also in other special fields.

The GCI corporate centre is located in Cologne, Germany.

Our partner companies are established in North America, Europe and Asia.

Thus we can offer education by our partners in the respective country.

Of course we work independently and without sponsors.
In this way we can offer the highest quality without being influenced or controled from the outside.

GCI - We create transparency!