Welcome to GCI, the international institute for certification of dentists in the special field Endodontics.

The Global Certification Institute offers specialized dentists worldwide the possibility of representing transparent quality and further education training courses to their patients.

By that the patients have the possibility to receive a good impression of the certifications and the quality standards in the respective specialization area of the dentists.

The annual recertification shows the patient the permanent high quality standards of your treatments.

What requirements must be fulfilled?
• appropriation of the latest and most relevant studies
• special equipment in practice
• mastery of all endodontist complications
• quality further education
• mastery of all endodontic treatments
• knowledge of the latest techniques

We have been able to win the worldwide best dentists over to our scientific committee.
By this we can pass the latest scientific knowledge on to our certified dentists. In difficult cases we can find the best therapy decision fast and purposefully.
We work independently and transparently.

As a dentist you profit from an excellent global network - as a patient from a first-rate quality standard.

Be one of the best!